Our gallery recently added a wide range of clothing for women. Most of our garments are made in the United States by small manufacturers and artists. We buy minimum amounts of each color and style to insure uniqueness in Gainesville. Almost all clothing is in short supply and styles/colors change twice a year. Sometimes it is possible to make special orders but it takes about 3 – 6 weeks to get them. We can help with assembling a whole outfit for parties, dinners, weddings, trips or any special occasion. Linda and Malgorzata are always happy to help and also find accessories for your selection. We can always find you something that will make even a simple outfit sparkle or to give it a whoomp!

Our lines include:
Janska clothing for winter and rainy season (coats, jackets and raincoats); Fridaze linen that does not wrinkle - perfect for traveling and the hot Florida summers; Chalet and Et’Lois soft and cozy garments from cotton, modal, tencel, rayon and bamboo; Casual batiks from Lost River and Pineapple; North Carolina artist Jude Stuecker’s prints on organic cotton blouses, skirts and dresses; Funky clothing by Christy Fisher from Arizona; Original designs by Lee Andersen from crushed rayon and silk dresses to sweaters in jackets for winter; Romantic clothing imported from Italy by Tempo Paris (New York) and Scandal (Los Angeles).