Jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings) in the Gallery is a large category that includes items made from a wide variety of materials including:
light weight paper and wooden earring made by “specially trained termites” (just kidding, they are cut by a laser), nylon, porcelain, clay, anodized or hand painted aluminum, glass, copper, pewter, silver, gold filled.

More recently we are including some jewelry with natural stones.

We have a collection of artists from this country and abroad. We are always trying to bring something unique and original. We have some very whimsical art of Yedomi, Jan Hart, Harmony Winters, Linda and John Whitney, Andewyn Designs; more classical jewelry of Bespoken Design and Ruth Doron (Israel) and more architectural designs of Christophe Poly, Jon Klar, Virginia Planas (Canada) and Jorge (Barcelona). An array of linen and porcelain jewelry comes from various artists in Poland.