I am always looking for accessories that would complement my clothing choices. We have a wide selection of belts. Some are made of beads. They are easy to put on, stretchable and made by Lost River. We also carry Argentinian leather belts by Ada. They are narrow or wide wrap-around belts in a wide selection of colors. We also have narrow belts with snaps that can be worn on the waist or hips (depending on what needs to be accentuated).

Additional accessories include summer crotchet hats in a wide selection of colors, felted flower pins, barrettes, hand dyed silk rayon scarves of different sizes and colors that can complement any outfit, and soft, colorful hand-woven chenille scarves.

Handbags are a very personal item for a woman. We have several lines of bags for women that like cloth bags and are made by artists from different parts of United States. The fabrics for these bags are milled domestically. They range from small handbags and shoulder bags to convertible travelling bags. They include Carson Rogers designed bags that convert easily from triangular shoulder bags to backpacks in wide range of tapestry fabrics and patchwork.